Monday, February 6, 2012

How To Help With the Jean Quan Recall Effort

Just so that you all are up to speed: there are two recall petitions being circulated, by three separate groups. The first petition was initiated by Gene Hazzard. But then he pissed off a bunch of people who had volunteered to help gather signatures, and they formed a second group, led by Nancy Sidebotham, Charles Pine and others. They have website you can visit.

Then a splinter group of the "Recall and Restore" faction thought that the Hazzard petition was defective, and they formed their own group. They are led by Greg Harland, Len Raphael and Wayne Rowland. You can visit their website here.

Their legal challenge against the Hazzard petition went nowhere. Yes, there was a defect. Apparently the Hazzard petition was published in the "legal notices" section of the local paper without including the names and addresses of the first 50-75 supporters. Who cares? Particularly since the names and addresses had already been published by all the local papers earlier the same week? Also, if this were such a big deal, then the City Clerk should have rejected the petition on that basis, and any claims that the defect was somehow substantively relevant should be considered waived under the doctrine of "laches." (Meaning if you sleep on your rights, you lose your right to sue).

So now what we've got are two recall petitions being circulated. Kind of confusing, I know. But I am not taking sides. I support both the petitions. I hope at least one of them succeeds. I can't say I'm too optimistic, because frankly the efforts aren't super well organized, but I'll try to help. I have already signed the Hazzard petition, and am helping gather signatures for the Sidebotham/Pine group. Please contact them through their website if you'd like to sign their petition or help gather signatures.

The Greg Harland group has provided instructions on how you can sign the petition, and help collect signatures, from the comfort of your own home:

Visit and click on the "volunteer" button.

State that you would like to collect signatures from your home.

Alternatively, email

(You must be a registered Oakland voter.)

An email with a circulator's document will be sent to you. Read the entire document, then sign and date your acknowledgement; fax or email the signed document to us.

A packet with printed blank petitions will be mailed to you.

When you are ready, contact the Committee to Recall Mayor Quan Now by email or phone and arrange to get us the signed petitions.

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  1. Of course Recall and Restore too will mail petitions to people who want to canvass.